Benefits of Forestwood Residences Lew Lian

Forestwood Residences is a luxury development in District 19 that is being marketed to real estate developers. While the overall real estate market in Singapore is soft, demand for 99 year leases on condos located on this site has been abnormally high.

Forestwood Residences CDL Singapore

A large part of the reason for the intense amount of interest in Forestwood Residences is the high regard for the developer, City Developments Limited. CDL has built a reputation for quality construction and an intense focus on details that create lasting value in their completed condo units. Forestwood Residences are located near the Bartley Ridge and Bartley Residences; similar condo developments that have drawn a high amount of acclaim for CDL.

Lew Lian Forestwood Residences

In fact, there has been an extremely high level of interest in these developments. While they have been designed as ideal residences for families, many real estate investors see their premium location and amenities as an ideal investment choice. These units are considered to be a safe investment that will continue to gain value over time while providing an excellent return.

At the present time, CDL is working to develop a landscape and outdoor plan for the Forestwood Residences development. In addition to beautiful grounds, the development will feature a swimming pool, tennis courts, and indoor and outdoor gyms. In fact, the area has been designed to feel like a home to the families who live there. Inside the units, buyers can find a variety of modern amenities including custom-designed kitchens and high-end finishes.

Forestwood Residences Serangoon

Forestwood Residences is a development that is focused on providing a premium living experience for families in Singapore. These units are more than a place to live, they are an investment in a family’s financial security.

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