Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School was founded in the 1916 and opened with just 24 students, today the school offers an education to over 3000 girls. The school is rooted in Christian values and believes in imparting faith to its students, encouraging them to show obedience to God and nurture faith in believers whilst reaching out to others. The school covers both primary and secondary education. With many girls moving on to the secondary school from the primary school. This school which is in Singapore has an intake of both local and International students.

Forestwood Residences Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

The secondary school campus offers many facilities, including, a multi-purpose hall, canteen, 2 AV theaters, a library, 4 computer labs, a 771 seat air-conditioned Concert Hall, an air-conditioned Gymnasium, a Dance Studio, 4 Music Rooms, 2 Art Rooms, 2 Kitchens, 6 Science Labs, a D & T Workshop, and a Counseling Room. Other schools that are near Lew Lian Forestwood Residences by CDL are St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Zhonghua Secondary School and Yangzheng Primary School.

The primary school has the following departments, English, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue, Aesthetics, CCE, ICT, Physical Education & CCA, Social Studies and National Education. They frequently place in the top 10 for CCA Awards. They have also received the following awards, School Green Award, 3R Award, Staff National Day Awards, and School Distinction Awards.

Serangoon Forestwood Residences

Admission to the Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School is through the taking of a Placement Test which places the students in the best class levels to encourage academic achievement. The school also offers Direct School Admission based on the DSA-Sec Exercise, and selects these students based on their academic and non-academic talents. The primary school has an intake of students from P1 to P6 and the secondary school has an intake of students from S1 to S3.

Each school also offers a calendar of events based around a theme each academic year. This year the events are based around PL100, the school’s centenary. A number of these events, such as the PL Testifies, are centered in their Christian ethos. There are also fundraising events to help the school and the local community.

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