Serangoon MRT Station

The Serangoon MRT station is a busy transport station in Singapore that allows people to travel to and from that part of the island on a daily basis. The Serangoon district is a mixture of housing estates, businesses, and a shopping mall, so people go to the MRT station on the way to Serangoon. The MRT station also gets busy during the morning and evening rush hours as workers commute to and from their places of work. Catching the MRT at the station will quickly get commuters to any of the other stations on the island from Lorong Lew Lian Forestwood Residences.

Serangoon MRT Station

With the MRT station being literary minutes away from Serangoon itself commuters only have a short walk or short bus ride to reach their final destination after leaving the station. Serangoon MRT station is a modern building that cope with all the commuters that use it during rush hour. With two modern shopping malls just minutes away there are people using this MRT station all through the day as they go shopping and then go home. The location of the MRT station was one of the factors in having two shopping malls so close to it. The developers of the malls believed it was sensible to build close to the Serangoon MRT station as more shoppers would be able to reach their malls without having to drive there and back from Nanyang Junior College and St Gabriel’s Secondary School.

Serangoon MRT Station Forestwood Residences

The MRT station at Serangoon is actually located at 600 Upper Serangoon Road and that puts in a really good place for commuters to get to. Shoppers find it really useful to get to their preferred shopping malls without having to drive. With buses stopping just outside the station people do not even have to walk the short distance to their homes, offices, and shops. The government is currently considering having some of the local housing estate redeveloped, which would increase the numbers of people using the station even further.

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