Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore, is located in Hougang, in close proximity to the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Upper Paya Lebar Road. The shopping centre was built in the 1970s and is near to several eateries, including Y2000 Eating House and Have U Eaten CafĂ©. It is within reasonable distance of NTUC Fairprice, Shop ‘n’ Save and Prime and Cold Storage Supermarkets near to Lorong Lew Lian CDL Forestwood Residences.

Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

In it’s heyday, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre was a vital hub for the community, filled with life, in more recent years, many of the shops near Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre have now been shuttered, and a large number of tenants have outgrown the Mall. The building was once a bustling place, filled with food stalls, goldsmiths, and retailers of all descriptions. The decline of this once central business place is in part due to the gentrification of the area. Newer and more modern malls replaced the dated building, but it appears that shop owners are now considering renting and buying space within the Mall, and empty shops are once again being filled. Forestwood Residences is also near to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre and Serangoon Stadium.

Serangoon CDL Forestwood Residences Lew Lian

One of the longest running businesses within the Mall is a computer repair shop called Computex Computer Services, and it sits within the building alongside restaurants and other retailers, in a place that appears to be once again becoming relevant to the community surrounding it.

The proximity of good schools, and public transport, make this a prime location for Singapore retailers. It also means that shops on the market can cost upwards of S$22,000 a month in rental or S$2,599,997 to purchase. Many Singaporeans have fond memories of this mall and the shops that it once housed, and it is possible to understand why those with such childhood memories would be attracted to revisiting the once thriving building of their youths and seeing what is now on offer there.


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