Zhonghua Secondary School

Zhonghua Secondary School in Singapore is a mixed school which caters to children taking the Special/Express Course as well as the Normal (Academical/Technical) Course. It was founde in 1911 and was the first Chinese-medium girls’ school in Singapore before accepting both English-medium students and boys. The school was originally called Chung Hwa Girls’ School and was founded by Mr Tay Peng Teng, Mr Puan Yeow Pang and members of the Chinese community. In 1996 the school became autonomous, enabling it to widen the choice of programmers available to students through further funding.

Zhonghua Secondary Secondary School

Zhonghua Secondary School is now currently homed in Serangoon Avenue 3 and has been since 2000. Here they have IT facilities and a self-funded ceramic studio. Zhonghua places a great emphasis on the use of technology and IT in today’s business world and also on a niche area in art. They have their on art gallery and Centre for Excellence (COE) Visual Arts which was opened in 2005 in an effort to develop its art niche area. Beside this school, there are other academic institutions such as Zhonghua Secondary School and Yangzheng Primary School.

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The autonomous school status was renewed in 2015 for a further 6 years and the school has been awarded the School Distinction Award on more than one occasion. Also being recognised for MOE’s 5 Best Practices (teaching and learning, student all-round development, character and citizenship education, being and development, and partnership).

The school offers key programmes in Design Thinking, Science Research, Robotics and Computing, Environmental Studies, Student Leadership, Bicultural and Asthetic Appreciation, and AEP. The Cross-Curricular programmes include, Sport, Uniform Groups, Societies and Performing Arts. Forestwood Residences is also near to shopping centres such as Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre and Serangoon Stadium.

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Admission to Zhonghua Secondary School is through Secondary 1 posting, Direct School Admission for Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Gymnastics (dependent on gender), and there are places for International Students and Returning Singaporeans through the Ministry of Education.

In 2015 the school’s students had a 93.78% pass rate for Sec 4 Express eligible for JC, 99.52% of Sec 4 Express pass rate for Polytechnic and 85% pass rate of Sec 5 Normal Academic students for Polytechnic.

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